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Cultural Abyss

                                                                     I come from India, the country of diverse cultural backgrounds. India consists of 28 states, where each one of them has a unique ethnic milieu. India is called the ‘Land Of Diversity’.  India has numerous religions, languages, festivals, beliefs, customs and traditions. It has a vivid historical past. The lands of India were once ruled by Kings and Queens. It flourished economically, culturally and socially. Then came the travelers who brought with them their culture. India was also once a colony and that was a great time of struggle. Later came a revolution which changed the face of the country and democracy was born. There’s a lot to learn from India’s past and we still are in the course of improvement. But as it is said ‘A population without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’

                                              I take pride in my country and its culture because every day in India is a festival, every tongue is a language, every celebration is a tradition, every trend is culture, every deed is a custom and every belief is faith.  I was taught from the very first day of my school, “Unity in Diversity”. Those were days when I couldn’t precisely comprehend its significance, but today as I write, these three words  shape my outlook and the foundation of a better tomorrow for the human race.

                                                            The world is in a state of chaos because accepting foreign cultures has become a major challenge. Respecting other cultures is what we need, to overcome this cultural unrest. It is strange how a religion, race, color or language has become an Identity of an individual. Culture is man-made, and man made it to bond his folks. You see, Culture at it roots means Unity, Oneness!

                                                            We follow culture to amalgamate, so why does it now divide us? The governments of the world face a major issue of accommodating cultures which leads to uproar in people, but do we people respect culture and not just a face of it? The world wars, the civil war and the revolutions occurred because Culture stirred the need of a change. It demanded people to recognize and respect each other. Terrorism, a problem that the world faces, is just another face of cultural disruption.

                                                        The youth can certainly make the best of ethnicity to build a better future as they have the accurate knowledge, vigor and resources to do so. I believe that culture is not religion, custom, race, color or a language, it is ‘Faith’. All the Holy Books say that faith is nothing without action.  And to engage in action, we have to engage with all our fellow human beings, and this is how a better tomorrow and be created. The world has placed culture on levels of a hierarchical ladder where one is superior or inferior to the other. Whereas, Culture should actually be the ladder! This ladder will take us to the better future awaiting us!

                                                         ‘Peace’, the state of tranquility is achieved when the mind, heart and soul rest in dignity and unity. I believe that strong and vibrant cultures themselves nurture tolerance and justice. No matter which region we come from, what religion we follow, what language we speak, we all in our hearts must believe that we belong to one culture and it is ‘Humanity’.

                                          The youth not just has to believe in the power of culture but has to involve its application. It is one thing to believe and practice our culture, it is another thing to really go down to the ground and see how our faith can be translated into use for people who are asking for help.  If we inculcate the power of Humanity and believe that culture is one, tomorrow will be bright. Respecting cultures and unification of diversity will drive us where we, the Humankind deserve to be.

                                      The youth is you. The youth is me. We can do it, as one!