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Fire on a Deadline

There was a boy and there was a girl. They were like fire on a deadline. They burnt with a bright flame, all at once. Then they gave out, with a flash. They started out as a little spark in the middle of the night. They spoke like it were a new language. They only got good at it. Unending conversations felt like fuel with limitless ignition. It went on. Their flames matched. They burnt with the same intensity, similar colors. They gave out a light, light you want to feel, live. You see, they were dim individually. But, together they were so bright, you had to squint. They were beautiful together. That’s the thing about fire; it’s beautiful until you get too close. And, they got close.

They knew they were in for a ride. Rides that only crash; but it was worth it all along. It was a gamble, fiery gamble. Playing with hearts, not games. Their affairs weren’t a fire anymore, it was Inferno. It’s when the damaging begun. You know, they were bright, as bright as the sun. But, every world, every universe can only have a sun. Now, you put them together and they were never meant to be. Two suns speak different lights. They couldn’t live apart but they couldn’t live together. They were volatile, they set their lives ablaze. Its heart wrecking when lights go out. Can you imagine what it would’ve been like when they gave out?

I don’t know if he said it or did she, but someone asked, ‘Are we a thing?’

The other one replied, ‘We are fire, silly. We’ll eventually give out.’

Their flames flickered. Maybe they did not want it to give out. Their flames wanted to merge, be one. He was the light she needed. She was the flames he was missing. They would make the fire we talk about, you know? The fire that never gave out.

But, like I told you. They were Fire on a deadline.


It’s a Bad day,
Not a Bad life.
Seven Bad days,

and still a Bad Week?

Groundhog Week

Sadness has now started to grow on me. It has been a pretty pretty low week. I am trying to hold up. I’ve learnt so much about myself in the past week, I don’t even regret it. Never knew a week could mean so much.

They say it only gets better, right?

Maybe the next week shall be better. (Fingers crossed. It better be)