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Janet Echelman’s 1.8 London soars high up in the wind

“Look up”, said my friend, as I pushed my way out of Oxford Circus station. Looming over Oxford Circus, suspended 180 feet above ground, awestruck, I see a colourful netted art sculpture floating in the wind.


Janet Echelman’s 1.8 London, was one of the 30 light installations at Lumiere London Festival held during 14th January-17th January 2016 in West End, King’s Cross and Mayfair.

Thousands of people gathered below the web-like structure, were constantly looking up to the sky and back into their smartphone screens. A Lumiere London volunteer helped my curiosity, guiding me to the app that enabled me to interact with the artwork. Onlookers could alter colours and patterns creating a ripple effect, each unique and unlike the previous.

In those few moments, many strangers expressed, together, with 1.8 London as their platform, creating unique patterns with each other. In her TED Talk, American sculptor and artist, Janet Echelman reveals that forces of nature and their cycle of interaction inspires her to create interactive artwork to bring people closer.

1.8 London was inspired by the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. Its title is based on the number of microseconds that the day of the earthquake was shortened by. “The sculpture’s form was inspired by data sets supplied by NASA of the tsunami’s wave heights rippling across the entire Pacific Ocean,” says Echelman studio.

It is netted out of high-tensile fiber, originally created for NASA astronauts’ space suits, that billows and changes shape with the wind. Janet Echelman says that her art is influenced by fishermen’s net that she witnessed when she travelled to India.

There was an element of wonder in the air, eyes filled with reflections of the colour from the sculpture. People spoke to each other in hush hush, interpreting what it said to them. Children tapped their phones rigorously while constantly looking up, “Look look! I did that.”

Yuuna Kubota, 23, a Japanese student at City College, remarked “It is good to honour a tragedy by bringing people closer, remembering the disaster in the form of art.” Unlike Yuuna, not many people in the square knew what 1.8 London really was about. But, that did not keep them from admiring this beacon of colours and hope.

On a wintery night, Janet Echelman’s 1.8 London was by far my most beautiful connection to this ever luminous city, London.

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Diary of The Unaccepting

‘Unaccepting’ is not a legit word, but it is the closest explanation of my existence as an entity.

Who is ‘The Unaccepting’?

Unaccepting is someone who sees what other people can’t. He looks beyond words, he belives the unbelievable, has endless faith on something that does not even exist. He fails to understand that nobility is rare, and truth rarer.

He is a criminal, hope is his crime.

Unaccepting is someone who is very low on Self-esteem. There are people out there who starve of faith and here he is overdosing on it. He believes everyone but him. He relies on everyone but him.

Unaccepting is someone who is Negligent. He neglects the fact that you don’t love him, anymore. He insists on seeing the good in you. He still wants it to work out.

Unaccepting is someone who is Damaged. He has been hurt over and over again. He still believes that there is some good left in this bad world. He still hopes that you will love him back. He hopes that he is ‘different’.

Unaccepting is someone who is Selfish. He fails to love someone who is immensely in love with him. He loves someone who shall never really be his. He loves challenge. He loves the wrong people, befriends the good.

Unaccepting is someone who is ‘Unaccepting’. He will just not accept that this is over. He will never stop believing in you, he shall still look for your silver lining. You tell him bluntly, rudely, hurtfully; but he will still not stop believing.

Unaccepting is someone. Unaccepting is me.


Dear Unaccepting,
Please accept it. Give up.
Yours reluctantly,                                                                          Future someone.

Famous Is My Middlename

Here I am, with Famous in my name and ambition in my mane. Like Hello? Obvioulsy I want to be celebrity. Thank You Daily Prompts, I am going to be a celebrity for 350 words.

If I could be a Celebrity for a day I would be:

Morgan Freeman: because after all, who doesn’t want a voice that could shake your ground and could compel you to believe in almost anything, noble. He has the power to avert anything and everything, he is Lord Almighty. Imagine having a voice that could unite Humankind. (Honestly, I will just sit and say ‘Eeesy Peesy lemon squeezy’ in his voice and laugh at myself).

Jennifer Lawrence: JLaw because I want to have the courage to trip over my silly gown on the ‘Oscar’ Stage at the greatest moment of my life and joke about it. I would want to be a Fat successful lady.

Hillary Clinton: because Come On, I am secretary of the State. *smirk* I kicked Infidelity’s arse.

Meryl Streep: Iron lady on and off screen, I would promote Feminism day long and make it like the international agenda of every organisation that exists.

Narendra Modi: I would just fulfill my promises I made to the people of India. (Remind me to change my slogan for the next elections).

J.K Rowling: I would just write another Harry Potter Novel. (Okay. I am going to accept it, this is a selfish one here).

Robert Downey Jr: Because I am a ‘Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.’ (Did I mention I am Sherlock, too?)

Ban Ki-Moon: I would get the UN to function PROPERLY. (Get rid of that Veto, Psst.)

Most of all, if I were a celebrity I would be a good one. No scandals, affairs, fraud, addict, controversy, fake jobs or excessive riches.  I would use my resources to do good; To inspire people to do better. I would make the world a better place.

Guess what? I still can, even if I am not a celebrity.

Just the plain old me, with the plain old you. Common girl on a mission. 🙂

Instant Celebrity