About RitujaBee

Hi Readers! *buzz away*

I am RitujaBee. I am a Laugh Riot and Virtually Active, since forever.

This is what my twitter profile reads:

Outspoken. Extrovert. Straight, forward. Tacky. Quirky. Crazy. Curious. Feminist. Ambitious. Vicious. Clear, Crystal.

Follow me on https://twitter.com/RitujaRao

I write because I can’t directly speak to you. I honestly, am a Speaker. (Making vlogs is on my list and guess what! You shall be notified). I write about anything and everything, my tags shall always pull you around the corner. I believe that the world can be a better place if you and me tried. I believe that Love and Food (preferably in the reverse order) can change the world. I am a die hard feminist who believes in Gender equality, realization and validation. I fight for my word, I fight for a cause.

I am overtly emotional (I cry for every, I repeat EVERY movie). I am bold. Never afraid to say what’s on my mind. I win people and I lose people because I got the nerve to speak up. I am quirky to levels I-can-make-your-head-spin. I can love unconditionally and never demand for anything (Just Keeeding). I love meeting new people, making friends and retaining them. I love sharing ideas and no voice is left unheard when I am around.

I write about absolutely any random object. I can go Sophisticated to Crash, Aware to bonkers, Brainy to Hearty in a blink of an eye. So, keep reading for I got a lot to say. And trust me, you are going to find something to read, definitely.

I fight to Win.

I love to live.

I dance to revive.

I struggle to survive.

I write to belong.

I write because you read.


7 thoughts on “About RitujaBee

  1. Hey its sameeha.. I dont know if you still remember me, but i am a year ahead of you (from Indira National School). I never knew you wrote till I came across this blog through facebook. I am surprised at how alike we actually are in beliefs . I write alot too, but I am more inclined to writing poetry though I am planning on publishing books and all too. To be honest (like seriously, no offense or anything) I found some of your writing a bit annoying (probably cuz we are so alike haha) , but there are definately few pieces that are pretty good. I really liked the about yourself though, and i think it was also ‘stones unturned’. I havent really read everything, but i might later. Before I forget, one last thing i wanna say is that you are definately NOT fat (I read that article) . I swear your really pretty. OK? Dont say that about yourself, your perfect just the way you are. 🙂
    I dont know if your into poetry, but i would love it if you check out some of my work. Here’s the link – http://allpoetry.com/-duck
    Have a great day
    -duck 🙂


    1. Of course I remember you Sameeha (even if you hadn’t like described yourself). Thanks for reading. And no offence taken. It’s your opinion and this is an open book to judged and to judge. So feel free. I would love to have your feedback. And Sure, I will check out your work. It’s been a pleasure.

      Do keep reading. 🙂


      1. cool.. haha my poetry has some feminist issues and similar messages as to what u say in your intro so … i thought u might like it.. If your interested I’ll find them for u ( i have a ton of poems so…)

        Liked by 1 person

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