Media Monitoring Post 3

Its been 2 days, but the tragedy continues to unfold. Here are some interesting notes from Day 3 of Media monitoring.

What struck me as the most interesting aftermath of the Paris attacks are, more attacks. This time, France bombing claimed ISIS stronghold, Raqqa in Syria. Paris has declared the massacre as an ‘act of war’ and shall retaliate. The CNN is its story, ‘Air Strikes in Raqqa’ reported that these strikes are symbolic and France is stating its power and readiness to protect its territorial integrity.

France has begun an international manhunt to find the perpetrators of Paris attack. The chase has moved to Belgium where 2 people have been detained in connection to the Paris attacks, reports Wall Street Journal.  There are believed to have been 3 teams attacking Paris simultaneously. One of the posed to be a refugee and came to France via Greece…

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