My Media Diet

It is my Media Diet. I am on a Diet, finally.

I am studying Journalism at University of Westminster. This is my task for Week 2 for my module Introduction to Journalism. You’d find this very interesting. If you haven’t figured out already, media diet is an analogy for the media I consume all day long! Here is me tracking a day in the life of an aspiring journalist.

Saturday, 10/10

9:00 a.m- I woke up with my phone. Log onto Facebook, saw a few puppy videos and then a few cute babies. Found a really funny listicle on Buzzfeed, ’24 things All Australians say when they’re in London’. I click on Buzzfeed and find another interesting story, ’22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week’. Now, I check my Instagram. A few pictures of food bloggers, Kim, cats, Vines, Kylie Jenner, Travel diaries.

10:30 a.m.– I walk into my kitchen. Switch on my T.V and watch Channel 4…

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