Leave No Stone Unturned

Looking for constant reassurance has got to stop. For how long will she base her happiness on others? Why does anyone have to define what happiness is to her? Being perfect all the time has got to stop. She is what she is and she’s got to accept herself before someone else can. Procrastination has got to stop. Things don’t always go her way, so what? The tide’s turning. Latching on to other people has got to stop. She has lived enough to impress other people. Expression for impression was a way of life, No more.

Realization dawns upon her. She’s got to change for good. She’s got to live her life on her own terms. Seems easy, doesn’t it? So she thought. She’s got one life and only one moment in hand. She wants to do everything she can to make her life sugar, spice and nice. She’s made a little to do list. She says to herself, “Leave No Stone Unturned”.

Not give a fuck about other people. Check.

Eliminate negative people from your life. Check.

Block people who hurt you. Check.

Pull yourself out of bad relationships. Check.

Stop competing. Check.

Sleep longer. Check.

Decorate your room. Check.

Hit the gym. Check.

Make your dreams work for yourself. Check.

Talk to long last friends. Check.

Learn to play an instrument. Check.

Read and write. Check.

Go on a Solo Trip, Explore. Check.

Go Rafting. Then Bungee Jump. Check.

Climb a building. Look out towards the sky. Check.

Don’t Look Down. 

Don’t Jump, off. 

Learn how to fly. Check.

Crash. Check.

Now, it all fit. She left no Stone Unturned. 



6 thoughts on “Leave No Stone Unturned

    1. Truth Resonates. That’s the power of words. I am glad you could connect to me, isn’t that how it is supposed to be? Connection with another human being?
      Thank you so much. Please keep reading.
      And In case we want to be friends, find me on Instagram @ritujabaesosexy. 🙂


  1. its a great piece of work….with such simplicity u hv explained how to live life and shape up your life as u want….and the best part is that there is a line which explains the whole story….’Make your dreams work for yourself’……So keep up the good work and your readers are always there to like your stuff..Cheers!!!


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