Gracious by Ben Howard.

There’s a lot in Opening Lines. Its how its strikes a chord, in you. The opening line is like an opportunity, a chance to feel something new today. Music is my cover. I have a lot to cover. Its a mask that masks the good the bad and the ugly. 

What’s in words, they say. There’s a lot. There’s me in them, says my reality.

How would you know?
When everything around you’s changing like the weather,
A big black storm.
And who would you turn to?
Or hide a ghost, a shadow at the most, would you let me know?

My music are the lyrics. Its all about what the songs says to me. I do not go by genre, I go by words. There’s very little I have to say, and a lot more that I want you to listen. When I can’t say, my lyrics do.

Cause I don’t want to,

To trouble your mind with the childish design of how it all should go.
But I love you so,
But it all comes clear, when the wind is settled, I’ll be here, you know.

Sometimes, I just sit and listen to you because I find clarity in your words. When my reality is hazy, your music guides me through. Your lyrics are my music. 

Cause you said ours were the lighthouse towers
The sand upon that place
Darling I’ll grow weary, happy still
With just the memory of your face

You sing and I listen. What if your music just stopped someday? What will I listen to? I would be lost if you left me. They say, ‘Not all who wander are lost’. But what if you never find me? What will I be then? 
That’s when the chorus rings,

Gracious goes the ghost of you
And I will never forget the plans and the
Silhouettes you drew here and
Gracious goes the ghost of you
My dear


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