Hey! I Don’t Like Coffee!

Yes, Yes. I know what you are thinking. 

‘How can you not like Coffee!’

Dear Daily Prompt, Thank you for giving me a chance to write about this. 

I am tired answering the question. ‘Hey! I Don’t Like Coffee’.

And, just because I don’t, I am not particularly weak. I don’t even understand why people are so fascinated by it. Even if they are, I don’t understand why they want me to be too! Since, I don’t drink coffee, I do not have a fair understanding about it. So when people talk about Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Peaberry, and names I can’t pronounce, I absolutely am out of the conversation. Personally, the coffee lingo is more like Elvish. I prefer Elvish to the coffee lingo.  

Also, it is so hot all the time. You are actually waiting half the time for it to cool down. It has this bitter taste all the time! No matter how much cream or sugar or milk you had, it is still Bitter and Brown (No, I am not racist). It messes with your sleep and your stomach. I love my sleep way too much. How can some brown liquid just mess it up like that? Your eyes are basically popping out. How can I miss the coffee stains? One wrong move and coffee everywhere. I prefer staying away from everything that I can spill. 

The age old question; ‘Hey, wanna meet up for Coffee?’ makes me awkward at any minute of the day.  

And, they never really get your name right at Starbucks.

So, while you stick to the over priced cup of coffee, I am going to pick my favorite Potion. Which is basically anything other than Coffee.

A glass of water, a coke, juice (but, I always want to get fatter), mock-tail, a pint of beer or a bottle of vodka (That’s not possible, I am underage). Anything, but coffee. 



12 thoughts on “Hey! I Don’t Like Coffee!

  1. Uhm, why do you capitalize random words (usually adjectives)? You know that makes it a bit Hard to read. Almost Impossible, because it is a Major distraction.

    Your content is Great, Rituja!

    Just improve a bit on the writing, RitujaBee! Keep buzzing!

    PS – I didn’t mean to come off rude, and I’m sorry if that happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. And no, not at all, it is not rude. It’s an opinion. However, I capitalize words to emphasize it because that’s the way I talk and I think capitalization is an equal to voice modulation in words. However, I will keep this in mind, and try and improve on the writing. Thank you for reading and actually taking interest. I would love to have more feedback and suggestions. Keep Reading.


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