Naggie Gyllenhaal

They got it right.

Booze and Bakwaas

Before you start beating yourself over the title like Nerdy did, because you don’t get it, (do you? Sigh.) Lemme decipher.
Naggie– A Nagging Girlfriend. (Did I just hear your ex’s name?) I will repeat, a nagging chick you gave some important status.
Gyllenhaal– MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. She fits the Overly Attached Girlfriend Bill. Refer to Hysteria, Sherrybaby, Secretary, Happy Endings, A Dangerous Women.

So, in other words. I am going to describe a BAD NAGGING Girlfriend; you should possibly stay the hell away from. And Lady, if you are reading this (I sympathize with you *sob*), do things differently, you don’t want to be Naggie Gyllenhaal.
Go on, RELATE!

• Kya khaya mele Baby ne?
Does she constantly ask you what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, thanksgiving, Diwali? Does she insist on knowing when you ate, how you ate and with whom you ate?…

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