Someone Wake Me Up…

I have often told myself, ‘Don’t cry yourself to sleep’. But, no. No one is listening.

Here I am sharing this recurring dream I’ve had for like 4 years now.

Abandoned buildings or houses scare me to death. They remind me of isolation, desolation and Death. Death frightens me to levels I can’t even describe.

This dream of mine has been extremely disturbing because, I NEVER WANT TO DO IT.

It’s dark and I seem to walk towards daylight, like emerging out of a tunnel. I got my flip flops, jean shorts and a purple T-shirt on (Which is my favorite outfit, always). I don’t really see my face, but I am sure it’s me. It’s everything about that figure that reminds me of me. I am heading towards a deserted 4 storey building. It has been demolished, or burnt or ravaged… I am not quite sure. I make my way up the stairs; I swear I feel like I am reluctant to do so. I get up to the roof, and it is breezy, sheepishly windy. I make my way to the already tarnished ledge. I look down. It’s pretty much dark. I don’t know if I will ever touch the ground, dead or alive. But I am staring down, I see myself… Smile.

And, I am wide awake. I often jolt and sit up, its like I had to make a decision, and I just didn’t. I never jump off the ledge in the delusion (I hope I never do). It is almost surreal, I can feel myself losing my balance, tumbling into nothing. 

I believe my dream is symbolic. It stands for a choice. I often have this nightmare (if it is one), on nights that I am upset, sad or depressed. It says something to me, I still haven’t figured it out.

Next time I dream, Please, Someone wake me up…


Freudian Flips 


16 thoughts on “Someone Wake Me Up…

      1. I feel really scared when this happens to me. I want it to end. I am trying.
        I am glad I know I am not alone.
        Keep reading. Do follow for more. 🙂 Much Love.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I shall sure try. I feel scared. I feel lost, but honestly, I think this is something I ought to try.
      Thank you. 🙂


  1. This building probably represents you. It is waiting for you to build and refurbish the interior. Remember you can take charge of your dreams, you are in charge.
    Have fun with it. Four stories, represents many choices and how many options lie within you waiting to be achieved. Does this make sense? If not you’ll re-dream it, so that it does.


  2. Did something happen when you were really young?.. Like a tragedy or something which relates to this dream?.. cuz reoccuring dreams like this often relate to an experience that took place when you are/were a kid/baby


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