Being British

Booze and Bakwaas


As an Indian guy let me declare at the very outset, I have no connection whatsoever with the

British, apart from the fact that Emma Watson’s ancestors probably ruled my ancestors *insert

crazy fanboy moment here*. No, this is more of an ode to imitating those classy, tea sipping,

suit wearing people. The British. Or to be more precise, Londoners.

There are some points that need to be covered when appearing British. Most of them require

truckloads of money and all of them have “pretentious douchebag” as a prerequisite skill. Here

we go.

1. The Suit

As every HIMYM fan will tell you, a suit is your one way ticket to getting laid. Given

that in an Indian scenario, the average temperature is around 40 degrees, making your

suit more of a Crock-pot and you more of a casserole, the getting laid part is a bit of a

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